Adolf Hitler Back From The Dead And Is Killing Rappers

This sounds like some kind of joke but do the research and you will see that the same people who were close associates of Hitler have come out of hiding all over the world. This a very scary news for those who love freedom and great news for those who love murder and power.

The Greek media is reporting that the murder came about after fighting between the fascists and antifascists, but according to eyewitnesses there were no clashes. The source—a local woman with no stated political allegiance—said that while Fissas was surrounded by the fascist mob, the murderer pulled up in a car, parked in a hurry, jumped out and attacked him straight away—details that point toward a premeditated attack. Fissas was stabbed twice in the heart, and once in his stomach. He died later in the hospital. The murderer was arrested later and confessed to both the murder and the political nature of his act.

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