LaBron James Complains About Bulls Cheated Fouls For The Win (video)

Lebron James complaining And Frustrated Over Hard Fouls In Loss To Chicago To End 27-Game Winning Streak!! — The Chicago Bulls didn’t just end the Miami Heat’s 27-game winning streak Wednesday. They also left LeBron James frustrated as a result of some hard fouls.

James took exception to two fouls during the Heat’s 101-97 loss. The first came four minutes into the game when Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich broke up a fast break by grabbing James with both arms and holding on as the players fell to the court. James also was upset with a hard foul in the fourth quarter by Bulls forward Taj Gibson, who swiped across James’ neck and shoulder to defend a layup.

“Let me calculate my thoughts real fast before I say (what I want to say),” James said. “I believe and I know that a lot of my fouls are not basketball plays.

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