Miami Heat Player Gets Outed By His Alleged Mistress

She probably just trying to get famous off him and it look like she might. You see why you can’t never trust some people?


Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

It looks like Dwyane Wade isn’t the only NBA player on his team who’s feeling the “heat” (pun intended). His teammate Mario Chalmers is suspected of cheating on his former reality TV star girlfriend Tiffany Graves with a very attractive jump-off named Paije Speights. According to reports, Speights has been posting not-so-subtle images of her interaction with the baller on her Instagram account.

One of the most revealing photos is of the woman playing Uno with Chalmers. She took a photo of her cards, but also managed to capture her legs, which were conveniently draped over the player’s legs, and his arm, which was on top of her knee. The player’s tattoo on his wrist, which is clearly seen in the photo, is what gave away his identity. The other revealing photo was captured less than a week ago. The woman took a photo of Chalmers shooting a free throw during the Portland Trailblazers vs. Miami Heat game. Her caption reads “Solo dolo…” which may be an indication that she attended the game by herself.  Ironically, Graves posted a tweet that readsI knew it“ a day after her boyfriend’s alleged mistress posted a photo of the player shooting a free throw. If the aforementioned aren’t enough proof of their interaction, she posted a picture of the player with the #MCM (Man Crush Monday) hashtag two months ago.

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