Rapper Chingy Is Now A Black Hebrew Israelite.


St. Louis rapper Chingy did some soul searching while off the mainstream music scene. These days he embraces his new-found epiphany as a Black Hebrew Israelite. Chingy attributes his new faith to his experiences in the music industry. He plans to educate the masses on the truth about what is going on around us. He says, “I know I’m goin be wanted/ We gotta die for somethin’.”

TIME OUT! Quick Educational Moment:
Black Hebrew Israelites believe people of African descent are the original Jews from the lineage of Judah and are the chosen people. They participate in religious activities that mainstream Jews participate in although mainstream Jews do not recognize Black Hebrew Israelites as Jewish. Two groups of Black Jews exist –Black Hebrew Israelites and Black Hebrews. Black Israelites adopt a Black Nationalist philosophy while Black Hebrews are more traditional in their practices.

Let’s continue.

“God has come forth to walk me on a more righteous path,” says the rapper. His new single “King Judah” is a conspiracy theorist’s goldmine. “King Judah” tells fans about a war America is waging on its citizens and tells us, in so many words, the Illuminati is real. “Cut your triangle out with my sharp mind that’s no eye,” he says to us in his new song. For those who are unaware, Illuminati symbol is a triangle horizontally cut with an eye in the top-half center.

“I’m trying to read about my past deception trying to cremate a whole lie.” Possibly Chingy is telling us that his previous activities of misogyny and sin were not true to his character –he did those things for fame or maybe he was blinded to the consequences of his previous actions.

His first music video, “Right Thurr” (2003), features half-naked, rump shaking, booty-bouncing strippers while he and his friends throw money and consume alcohol which was only seen on BET’s Uncut. It’s club beat and easy-to-remember catchy lyrics earned the rapper’s first single the #2 spot on U.S Billboard top 100. People across the country were eager to learn how to monastery and nina-pop with the best of them.

Howard Baily Jr., better known as Chingy, was signed to Ludacris’ label Disturbing the Peace in 2002 after touring with Nelly as an opening act. His debut album Jackpot sold an estimated 2-million copies. In 2008, Chingy took a 3-year hiatus to repair his personal life.



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